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The Talatalaifale programme is an eight-week prison programme which has been running  for the last three years. The programme delivers addiction and wellness modules through a cultural lens, emphasising cultural engagement. It combines a psycho-educational and motivational approach to well-being based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Counselling, Positive Psychology and Va Tagata (cultural engagement).  This is an eight-week programme that invites family and friends to the graduation to celebrate achievement and share food.

Sensing Bros

Sensing Bros is our radio programme based in Christchurch. This programme facilitates positive conversations that delve into several issues impacting on wellbeing from a positive psychology perspective with a culturally informed lens.  It encourages intergenerational conversations and communication with parents and young people, teachers, youth workers and project coordinators of prosocial events.  Young people share their points of view on diverse topics, including friendships, relationships and future aspirations. Key messages promote sustainable lifestyles of freedom from alcohol, drug and gambling-related harm.

Hosted by Mapu Maia counsellor Philip Siataga and guest speakers to talk about co-existing issues, mental health and wellbeing, online gaming and suicide prevention.  

The radio show airs for one hour per month on PlainsFM.

Listen to the latest episode of Sensing Bros.

Talanoa Va’inga Pa’anga

A weekly Tongan radio programme on Planet FM hosted by our Tongan staff, that enables discussion, information sharing and collaboration.  A favourite with parents and grandparents who call in and share their stories with other listeners. 

Life on the

Front Foot

Life on the Front Foot is about hope, destiny, restoration, and mana.  It focuses attention on gambling harm and its connections with drug-related harm.  It is a psycho-educational and motivational approach to wellbeing based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Counselling, Positive Psychology and Va Tagata.  The approach is integrated into a holistic rehabilitation group programme within the He Waka Tapu Mauri Ora Experience intensive residential service in Christchurch. The approach also informs a men’s group led by AVIVA Reach Out team (Family Violence Services) in collaboration with Mapu Maia.   

Youth Programme

Reaching Pacific youth through interactive workshops exploring risk-taking behaviour, online gaming, gambling harm and resilience building.  Catering to youth of all ages, we support church youth groups, schools and community groups.


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