Under COVID-19 alert level 2, our offices and clinics are open. There is hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes for all visitors to use. You can contact us by phone on 0800 21 21 22 or by email at help@mapumaia.nz

If you have cold or flu symptoms, stay at home and call your doctor or Healthline on 0800 611 116.

Welcome to Mapu Maia



Working with families and communities to be healthy and resilient; free from gambling harm.



Mapu Maia provides a holistic service to individuals, families and communities that is culturally appropriate and effective.   

Mapu Maia offers free, professional and confidential counselling services and education.  We are able to meet you where you most feel comfortable, whether that is in our offices or in your home.

Our experienced and qualified staff work with you and your family and can provide language support in English, Samoan and Tongan.

We Value


We believe in placing people first in everything we do and remain focused on who we are reaching out to in our work.  We believe relationships are the foundation of who we are.

We Value


Our culture, language, identity, spiritual beliefs, physical and mental-being is centre to who we are.  Our well-being is obtained when all these are in balance. 

We Value


We believe that respect is shown in all aspects of our work; in our language and behaviour towards each other and the communities we work with. 

We Value


 I am not one, I am us.
We belong to a collective; we value that as Pacific, we belong to a family, to a community, interacting towards a shared purpose. 


Our guiding principle: 
“Equipping our people with tools to fish.”

This quote is the guiding principle that underpins the design and delivery of the Mapu Maia service. By this we aim to give Pacific people the means to develop their own sustainable solutions to address the issues that life throws at them.
Our Mapu Maia approach emphasises the concept of Vā – the space between.
We recognise that to be an effective service, appropriate engagement is crucial.  Through the Va Tagata model of engagement, we approach counselling in a Pasifika context through talatalanoa (deep conversation). This encompasses a person’s whole self – physical, mental, spiritual and aiga (family).  




Sensing Bros
Talanoa Va'inga
Life on the
Front Foot​
Youth Programme


Our team is based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch but work with all Pacific communities across New Zealand.

Mapu Maia is made up of qualified Pacific practitioners who deliver clinical interventions and educational presentations that are appropriate to the needs of Pacific communities. In addition, the team works collaboratively with community agencies and social services to assist them to support Pacific families in need. 

Pesio Ah-Honi
National Director Pacific Services 
Ifo Faanana
National Practice Leader & Counsellor
Siosiua Kailahi
Counsellor & Health Promoter
Philip Siataga
Counsellor & Health Promoter
James Bloomfield
Counsellor & Health Promoter
Gerhart Berking
Public Health Lead
Maria Samu
Counsellor & Health Promoter
Feleti Fred Piva
Counsellor & Health Promoter


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