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At Mapu Maia, we aim to provide services that are accessible to Pacific peoples. We deliver clinical interventions (talatalanoa) in English, Samoan and Tongan.  We can also provide at-home services for individuals, couples, family groups, peer support and clinical groups.


Our services are free and confidential.​ Currently Mapu Maia delivers talatalanoa through the following:

  • One-on-one – Clients are asked if they wish to be gender matched with a Mapu Maia clinician and language is offered in English, Samoan or Tongan.  Other specific languages are sourced externally if required by the client.

  • Couples – either together or separately as the family require.  Specific culture, gender and co-existing needs of the individuals are assessed and supported through the Talatalanoa

  • Family group – Often there is conflict and hurt in the family when they seek help.  Mapu Maia clinicians will work with the whole family to assist with underlying issues.  This is usually in the family home environment and cultural engagement is critical to breaking down barriers to talatalanoa.  Family involvement in talatalanoa is part of the journey to wellness

  • Group therapy – Mapu Maia has been successful in running groups for the past 6 years in Auckland, Porirua and Christchurch.  Group program are usually between 6 to 8 weeks in duration with some groups extending to 10 weeks with focus on addiction, co-existing issues (such as mental health and family violence) and well-being.  Program is facilitated by a Mapu Maia clinician and at the end of the program and group evaluation is completed.  


  • Phone, texting, social media and emails – For clients and families who we are unable to see face to face we provide online and phone services. 

Psychologist Session

What is counselling?

Counselling is a private and confidential process. You talk in confidence with an experienced, qualified professional who will work with you to help you find ways of coping that are helpful and long-lasting.

Therapy Session

Talk to a counsellor

People can, and do, stop gambling. A supportive and professional counsellor can encourage and motivate you to take all the steps required to regain self control and direction in your life.

Counseling Group

Gambling support group

Our gambling support group is an open group based in Christchurch.

Members can attend regularly or intermittently as their needs change.


Referral Form 

Access the form below for individuals and services committed to fostering support within the Pacific community.

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